All players who receive the Whitelisted role will automatically be placed on a 30-day probationary period. During this time, the player is required to adhere to all server rules & policies. If the player is found to have broken any rules or does not conduct themselves appropriately while in city during this period, the player’s Whitelist role will be removed.

If your Whitelisted status is revoked, you may re-apply for Whitelist after a two week waiting period. This two week period starts after the end of the punishment (ban time + 14 days, for example. If accepted, the player will be subject to another 30-day probationary period. Failure to adhere to all server rules & policies during the player’s second probationary period will result in an immediate permanent ban.


Whitelisted jobs in New Era come with a greater level of responsibility. All players who are hired on to a whitelisted job will automatically be placed on a 30-day probationary period. During this time, the player is required to adhere to all server rules and conduct themselves in a professional manner while in the city. If the player is found to have broken server rules or does not conduct themselves appropriately while in city, the player may face heavier staff action or a revocation of their whitelisted role.


At New Era, we urge you to open a ticket when you experience an issue, have a question, or need to report a rule break. Our staff policy is to be as unbiased as possible when investigating issues while also ensuring we uphold our rules and vision of the city. Without your reports, small issues can easily fester into bigger ones so never hesitate to reach out!

Our ticket system runs through our community discord and is private – only staff with the “Support”, “Moderator”, and “Admin” roles can see what you submit. We understand that reporting an issue can be a very stressful and sometimes sensitive situation. Because of this, our staff team is held to a very high standard, and we have rules in place to make sure your report is kept confidential.

Only staff members who have no involvement in the situation being reported on will answer your ticket in order to maintain neutrality. Any staff member directly involved in the report will be removed from the ticket.

When opening a ticket, please include your Steam name, your Character Name, and be as descriptive about your situation as possible. Make sure you provide the player/character names of others involved in the situation, the time & date the incident occurred, and supply any screenshots or screen recordings (including Twitch clips) you may have that could help support your case.

Ticket times will vary depending on the severity of the issue, but we strive to resolve most situations within 48 hours. In the event that your ticket requires more investigation, staff will communicate further steps with you. Please see our “Investigation Process” section below to understand how we resolve more complicated player issues.

NOTE: We understand that some issues you encounter can leave you feeling frustrated. Please keep your tickets as respectful as possible – we are here to help you! Our staff reserve the right to immediately close a ticket with any player who is excessively irate or is harassing/threatening.


All rule breaks will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Each player report or rule break is thoroughly investigated by the admin team using information gathered through observation, the server’s logs and database, as well as reports from other players (including video and/or photographic evidence). Interviews are typically conducted between staff and involved parties during the information-gathering phase. We do this to ensure that each player has an opportunity to speak on the situation, as well as allow staff to make an educated decision when proceeding. Most interviews are done privately, but some situations demand group conversations to work through problems.

Staff strive to handle all issues as quickly as possible, however action may be delayed in some cases depending on the situation. Just because you do not SEE a punishment go out does not mean one has not been dealt or that your complaint has not been acknowledged. Cases are handled as discreetly as possible to maintain a positive server culture – we do not publicize player bans. All players involved in reported situations will be notified of the status as well as a general update on how the issue was handled.


We strive to create a positive, safe, and immersive experience for our community. Any player who shows a blatant disregard for server rules by causing chaos in the city OR in our Discord through trolling, hacking, bullying/harassment, or discrimination will receive an immediate permanent ban. No exceptions.


The staff at New Era recognize that not everyone is a seasoned veteran of FiveM and GTA roleplay. Even well-seasoned role-players find themselves on the wrong side of the rules at some point. We firmly believe in educating players over doling out punishment in most situations. We want each of you to enjoy your time here and grow in your roleplay.

For this reason, we have created a dynamic disciplinary policy that escalates in severity by each occurrence. Please keep in mind that each case is unique and some rule breaks are worse than others. Staff will make disciplinary decisions based on the severity of the offense.

Here are some of the big rule breaks and the guidelines we follow when issuing bans:

Metagaming / RDM / VDM / NVL

1st offense: 24-hour ban

2nd offense: 3-day ban

3rd offense: 7-day ban

4th offense: Permanent ban

Exploiting / Powergaming

Formal warnings may be given to players if the staff deems the rule break was unintentional. Players who receive verbal warnings should demonstrate an understanding of how they broke the rules and must commit to changing their behavior. Otherwise, the process is as follows:

1st offense: 24-hour ban

2nd offense: 3-day ban

3rd offense: 7-day ban

4th offense: Permanent ban

*Players who exhibit excessive powergaming will receive immediate permanent bans.

Breaking Character

Players will receive disciplinary action when breaking character becomes a recurring issue and we receive multiple reports and instances where the rule break has occurred.

1st offense: Verbal warning from staff

2nd offense: 24-hour ban

3rd offense: 3-day ban

4th offense: 7-day ban

5th offense: Permanent ban

This is not a definitive list. Other rule breaks exist that are not outlined here. Please refer to our New Era Roleplay Rules for a detailed list of server rules.

Players who retaliate or “punish” other players in roleplay for their rule breaks are also subject to disciplinary action. Two wrongs do not make a right.

All pending bans are put to a vote amongst staff members and majority wins. No single staff member will have the final say in any ban situation. Players served a ban will be notified through our ticket system in Discord along with an explanation for why the ban is being served. Players will have the opportunity to ask questions about their ban if they choose, but bans cannot be appealed