Server Policies

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New Era is currently an OPEN ALLOWLISTED community. Allowlisting verification allowing us to clearly communicate behavior expectations while safeguarding our server from public access. By utilizing this system, we aim to foster a community that upholds our standards, ensures a positive experience for all, and maintains the integrity of our server.

Our allowlist process is handled entirely through our Discord. Check our “Allowlist” channel and follow the instructions to receive your role.

Upon becoming Allowlisted, you will enter a 30-day probationary period. During this time, it is essential to comply with all rules and policies established by New Era. This includes, but is not limited to, adhering to the Discord Community Rules, Server Policies, and Roleplay Rules. Your dedication to upholding these standards throughout the probationary period is vital to ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for your fellow community members.

Any failure to conduct yourself appropriately during this probationary period may result in the removal of your Allowlist privileges and, if necessary, removal from the Discord server.

In the event that your Allowlist status is revoked, you will have the opportunity to re-apply for Whitelist after a waiting period of two weeks. This waiting period begins after the completion of the imposed punishment, such as a ban, plus an additional 14 days. If your re-application is accepted, you will enter into another 30-day probationary period. Failure to adhere to all server rules and policies during the player’s second probationary period will result in an immediate permanent ban.

Whitelisted Jobs

The current jobs are whitelisted and must be applied for:
– Los Santos Police Department
– Pillbox Medical Center
– Mechanic Shop Ownership
– Department of Justice

Whitelisted jobs are specialized civilian roles within New Era that entail a higher level of responsibility compared to traditional jobs. As a result, these exclusive positions are not listed in the city’s job center. To secure a whitelisted job role, players must apply through the designated channels. This application process ensures that only dedicated individuals who understand the unique requirements and expectations are granted access to these coveted positions.

If you are granted a whitelisted job role, the initial 30 days within that position will serve as your probationary period. Throughout this period, it is crucial to uphold conduct that aligns with the expectations set for your role and for the well-being of the city. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in the revocation of your job role, with or without prior notice, as determined by your superior or the staff team. It is essential to demonstrate professionalism and accountability to ensure the continuation of your position and contribute positively to the community.


We firmly believe that two wrongs do not make a right.
Retaliating or “punishing” other players in roleplay for their rule violations is not tolerated and can result in disciplinary action. Please follow the process outlined below and allow the staff team to handle grievances.

At New Era, we value open communication and believe that addressing issues, answering questions, and reporting rule violations is crucial to maintaining a thriving community. Our ticket system operates through our community Discord and offers a private space for you to submit your concerns.

When you encounter an issue or need to report a rule break, we strongly encourage you to open a ticket. We understand the sensitivity and potential stress involved in reporting an issue, and our staff team adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. Be sure to select the Player Grievances & Confidential Reporting ticket type for a direct line to our Admin & Moderation team.

When opening a ticket, please include a description of the incident as well as essential details such as:
– Your Steam name & Character name
– Player/character names of others involved
– Time & date the incident occurred
– Any screenshots, screen recordings, or Twitch clips to support your claim

Ticket response times may vary depending on the severity of the issue, but we strive to resolve most situations within 48 hours. In cases requiring further investigation, our staff will communicate additional steps with you. For more complex player issues, please refer to our “Investigation Process” section below.

NOTE: We understand that encountering player issues can be frustrating. We are here to help you and kindly request that keep your tickets as respectful as possible. Our staff reserve the right to immediately close a ticket with any player who is excessively irate or is harassing/threatening.

Investigation Process

Rule breaks are addressed on a case-by-case basis, with thorough investigations conducted by the admin team. This includes gathering evidence from observations, server logs, player reports, and interviews with involved parties.

Our goal when handling a player issue is to maintain a positive server culture and provide a safe environment for all players. Action may be delayed in some cases, but rest assured that complaints are acknowledged and punishments are issued discreetly. Players involved in reported situations will receive notifications and updates on the resolution. We do not publicize player punishment or bans.


We understand that not everyone is an experienced veteran of FiveM and GTA roleplay. Even seasoned role-players can sometimes find themselves unintentionally breaking the rules.

To maintain a fair and effective disciplinary system, we have implemented a dynamic policy that escalates based on the severity of rule violations, with staff making decisions accordingly. Each case is unique, and consequences are tailored to the offense, balancing fairness while maintaining a safe community.

All ban decisions are determined by majority vote and players are notified through our Discord ticket system. It is important to note that any form of disciplinary action should not be discussed in public channels within our Discord.

Bans cannot be appealed, and permanent bans are irreversible.

Here are some major rule violations and our ban guidelines:

Metagaming / RDM / VDM / NVL

Formal warnings may be given to players if the staff determines the rule break was performed without malice. Players who receive verbal warnings should demonstrate an understanding of how they broke the rules and must commit to changing their behavior. Otherwise, the process is as follows:

1st offense: 24-hour ban
2nd offense: 3-day ban
3rd offense: 7-day ban
4th offense: Permanent Ban

Exploiting / Powergaming

Formal warnings may be given to players if the staff determines the rule break was unintentional. Players who receive verbal warnings should demonstrate an understanding of how they broke the rules and must commit to changing their behavior. Otherwise, the process is as follows:

1st offense: 24-hour ban
2nd offense: 3-day ban
3rd offense: 7-day ban
4th offense: Permanent Ban

*Players who exhibit excessive powergaming will receive immediate permanent bans.

Breaking Character

Players will receive disciplinary action when breaking character becomes a recurring issue and we receive multiple reports and instances where the rule break has occurred.

1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: 24-hour ban
3rd offense: 3-day ban
4th offense: 7-day ban
5th offense: Permanent Ban

This is not a definitive list. Other rule breaks exist that are not outlined here. Please refer to our Roleplay Rules for detailed information covering various roleplay situations and rule categories.


To maintain a healthy environment, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards disruptive behavior that undermines the server rules and the well-being of our community members. Any player who engages in actions such as trolling, hacking, bullying/harassment, or discrimination, whether in the city or in our Discord, will face immediate and permanent banning without exceptions.