Roleplay Rules

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New Era aims to provide a quality immersive roleplay experience for our players. We ask that you put thought and effort into your roleplay by developing a character with a slow-burn storyline in mind.

We encourage veterans of FiveM and roleplay to lead by example and offer assistance or advice if asked. Be sure to welcome new members to our community.


  • Create a well-thought-out character. Quality characters possess a balance of strengths, weaknesses, and distinct personality traits that shape their interactions with others and the world around them. It’s important to avoid creating characters who excel in every aspect or possess all skills. Instead, consider their limitations and areas where they may struggle. Aim to align your character’s choices, such as jobs, vehicles, and houses, with their backstory and personality.
  • Maintain character at ALL TIMES while in the city. Going out-of-character (OOC) is prohibited. You should be actively roleplaying not only while in a scene, but also in passive roleplay, when speaking in radio channels, while using “/me” commands, and when sending text messages. 
  • Disguise key binds and commands with clever wording or city-appropriate lingo. Refrain from using “/me” chat to show someone how to type a command.
  • Remove yourself from scenes in an appropriate way when going AFK. Use creativity to mask that you are away from your computer to give other players around you the best immersion possible. 
  • Do not reference player counts, streams, server rules, tickets, or staff members while in the city. Avoid words like “Go Pro” or “body cams” unless you are a part of PD and do not refer to staff as “the government.” Our secret word is pineapple.
  • Respect your fellow players in and out of the city. Remember that we’re all here to have fun and grow our characters’ stories through great roleplay. Maintain a mental separation between the player and the character they’re playing.
  • Help New Era maintain a safe environment for everyone. Hate speech, discrimination, and racial slurs will not be tolerated. Suicide and Erotic RP are forbidden. (See Offensive RP)


  • A functioning, quality microphone
  • Microphone must be set to “Push To Talk” (❔)
  • English only
  • Outside communications (i.e. Discord calls) are strictly prohibited while in the city; please utilize the in-game communication tools provided like phones or radios
  • Keep “/me” within RP at all times; this feature should not be utilized for OOC communications and is intended solely to enhance roleplay.



Definition: Using information that your character did not find out in the city to enhance your character or give your character an advantage in roleplay.

  • Messaging a Discord friend for an in-game rescue, despite their character’s lack of knowledge about the situation.
  • Gaining information about the police through a stream to avoid getting caught.
  • Using outside knowledge of a secret location or NPC to advance your character without discovery through roleplay.
  • Using OOC knowledge about a storyline your character is involved in to alter the outcome of that story, particularly when trying to avoid negative consequences.


Definition: Utilizing or exploiting game mechanics to either gain an unfair advantage over another player or achieve a goal that is unrealistic or goes beyond your character’s physical abilities.

  • Garaging your vehicle or retrieving a vehicle from your garage during a police chase.
  • Jumping repeatedly while in a foot chase to gain a speed advantage
  • Impounding a player’s vehicle as a police officer while mechanics are on duty.
  • Jumping from unrealistic heights while wearing roller skates.

Not Valuing Your Life (NVL)

Definition: In roleplay, any action the player makes that disregards the value of their character’s life, or engaging in risky or unrealistic actions without considering the consequences.

In various RP scenarios, including hostile roleplay, valuing your life is crucial. Regardless of your character’s attributes, occupation, or gang affiliation, it is important to prioritize self-preservation when facing potential threats. Recognize that self-preservation is a natural instinct and should guide decisions that may endanger your character’s well-being or result in their demise.

High Risk Gameplay

Players should not perform actions which would pose a significant threat to the player’s life in situations where one would not realistically perform that action.

  • Extreme jumps off of mountains, buildings, bridges and other structures with your vehicle
  • Running into oncoming traffic
  • Intentionally crashing into buildings or other cars at high rates of speed
  • Riding on top of moving vehicles, etc. 

Hostile Roleplay Scenarios

In any hostile scenario, you should value your life and make reasonable attempts to preserve it by weighing the risks and rewards of your actions. Keep in mind that you should react realistically to being threatened. When you are held at gunpoint and told to put your hands up, you may not radio for backup or walk away – you must comply.

Remember that your reaction to hostile RP directly impacts the aggressor’s storyline. Great roleplay doesn’t mean you always have to “win” a scenario – amazing scenes can come from complying with the aggressor’s demands. 

  • Drawing a gun when a gun is already pointed at you
  • Failing to play the part of a hostage
  • Not caring if you live or die

Combat Logging

Definition: An attempt to avoid the outcome of a scenario or action by disconnecting from the server or using the respawn mechanic to escape an RP scene.

While you are engaged in active roleplay, including hostile roleplay or any scene with the police, you may NOT disconnect until the scenario is concluded and you are clear of any police interactions.

Combat logging is an immediately bannable offense. If you cannot reconnect for any reason, open a ticket with the staff team as quickly as possible to notify them of the situation.

If you recognize that you are struggling to distinguish between in-game events and your real emotions, consider taking a break from the city after the scene has concluded. To address any concerns about Fail RP, open a ticket on our Discord for staff assistance.

ℹ️ GAME CRASHES: In the event of a client crash during a police chase, please try to rejoin promptly to resume the scene. Keep in mind that PD usually wait for you to return and continue the chase. Please show respect for their experience as well.


The following rules protect our community from toxic or trolling behavior. Players found to be guilty of any of the below offenses will face disciplinary action. 

‣ Vehicular Death Match (VDM)

Definition: Using a vehicle as a weapon to either kill or incapacitate another player.

Intentionally using a vehicle to harm or kill another player is strictly prohibited. Such actions should never be taken. In the event of an accidental collision, roleplay the situation realistically by contacting emergency services. This allows both players involved to develop a storyline and explore the aftermath of the accident in a meaningful way.

    ‣ Random Death Match (RDM)

    Definition: Killing another player without any valid reason or roleplay events leading up to it.

    Any killing of a player MUST have roleplay built up behind it, whether it’s taking hostages and holding people for ransom or robbing people. Utilize things that happen to your character to start building your storyline and relationships with people in the city.

    If the story escalates to murder, keep in mind that killing someone ends roleplay for everyone in that moment. Drag it out as it’s more fun that way for everyone.

    ‣ Punishing Others Through Roleplay

    Players may not, under any circumstances, punish other players in roleplay for what they deem is a server rule break. Two wrongs do not make a right.  If you feel a player has broken a server rule, including fail roleplay, please remove yourself from the scene or roleplay it out to the best of your ability and then open a ticket. Staff will handle any rule breaks outside of the city.  Any player found to be engaging in this type of behavior will be subject to disciplinary action. 


    ⚠️Trigger warning: content in this section discusses sexual harassment and suicide as it pertains to roleplay.

    Extremely offensive RP is prohibited. Roleplay involving rape, cruelty to animals, and terrorism will not be tolerated. Religious RP is tolerated so long as you’re not making offensive religious statements, demands, or slandering.

    ‣ Offensive Remarks

    GTA V is an 18+ game. Players will be exposed to adult themes, derogatory remarks, sexism and profanity due to the game’s design.  You should expect to hear offensive statements made towards or about your character WITHIN REASON, especially if you are roleplaying as a female.

    If you feel as though a situation is taking a darker turn or the offensive remarks are becoming excessive and/or are directed to you OOC, please reach out to staff.

    Racial slurs or hate speech between players will NEVER be tolerated. 

    ‣ Sexual Harassment

    The New Era staff team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels safe within our community, especially those who have been victim to sexual harassment or assault. We will not tolerate ANY forms of sexual harassment in our city.

    If consent is NOT given, DO NOT RP it.

    If for any reason a player decides to force offensive & sexually charged roleplay on you, you have a right to deny that RP, remove yourself from that scene, and report it to the staff. 

    Examples of harassment:

    • Persistent unwelcome advances
    • Sexual requests or demands
    • Stalking
    • Acting out the discharge of bodily fluids
    • Necrophilia

    Players should feel confident in knowing that all sexual harassment claims are investigated thoroughly and kept confidential, and that sexual harassment is an immediately bannable offense.

    If you are being harassed by another player from our community through DMs on Discord, we ask that you take the appropriate steps to block that person from communicating with you, report their account to Discord, and then report the situation to the staff team.

    Please be aware that staff’s reach is only as far as the server and the community discord. It is the responsibility of the individual experiencing the harassment to block communication with that person on other platforms, such as Twitch or social media accounts. 

    Helpful Links:

    ‣ Erotic Roleplay (ERP)

    Definition: Any explicit roleplaying activity involving one or more players for the purpose of engaging in sexual behavior or simulating sex.

    ERP is not permitted in New Era. Any player using voice communication, phone apps, emotes, “/me” commands, “/scene” text, or character positions to engage in sexually explicit roleplay (meaning anything you don’t want your momma to see) will face disciplinary action. Please be aware that there is no privacy on any FiveM server – all /me commands, /scenes, and everything in between is logged and monitored daily. 

    While we are aware that this is generally an 18+ server, we feel compelled to protect the members of our community who may not be comfortable with this type of roleplay as well as the streamers who call New Era home.

    ‣ Self Harm & Suicide Roleplay

    Out of respect for those in our community impacted by this topic, acting out events that would lead to your character’s self-inflicted, intentional death is strictly prohibited. 

    Many people have been deeply affected by suicide, either from personal experience or from watching someone close to them lose someone they love. Please be mindful of this when using dark humor or when planning out scenes that could result in self-harm (like drinking too much, overdosing, etc). Be a kind human.

    We at New Era consider everyone family. If you or someone you know struggles with thoughts of self-harm, please consider reaching out to someone trusted or contacting the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1(800)-273-8255. 


    A crucially important distinction to keep in mind is the difference between Out Of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC). OOC and IC knowledge, motivations and emotions must be kept separate at all times. This can be understood easily by thinking of yourself as an actor. You are not your character. Like an actor, you will not always share the same motivations, emotions, skills or life as your character.

    Playing Multiple Characters

    The idea of creating multiple characters is to experience the city in a different way. Ideally, your characters should vary in personality traits, ambitions, likes/dislikes, and backstory. Under no circumstances are you to ever cross the information you learn on one of your characters to another and your storylines cannot cross. You should never create a character that is related to another one of your characters. 

    There are some acceptable gray areas that exist like having a relative return to investigate your other character’s death. Keep in mind your characters will never meet and this is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy environment for everyone. 

    If you are unsure whether your story breaks this rule, please ask the staff. That’s what we are here for.

    In-Character Romances

    Romantic relationships in roleplay have the capability to add depth and story development for legally consenting adults who choose to pursue them. However, it is important to recognize that an in-character relationship does not transfer to OOC unless both parties are in mutual agreement. If a player begins to feel uncomfortable after establishing IC and OOC boundaries in their romantic RP, please report the issue. New Era will take action to protect our players while in our city or the discord. 

    Please remember that Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is prohibited. See ERP section.


    ‣ Baiting

    Definition: Engaging in behavior or utilizing game mechanics to intentionally lure police to initiate a hostile roleplay interaction.

    Baiting is most often seen in a criminal vs. cop situation where a criminal player purposely commits crime in the proximity of officers to initiate a chase or arrest without a valid roleplay reason.

    Any player found guilty of baiting will be subject to disciplinary action.


    Vehicles should be operated realistically, and the type of vehicle should be appropriate to the terrain and driving conditions.

    While game mechanics might allow your vehicle to sustain heavy damage from crashes, rolls, or jumps, that doesn’t always mean you should keep going, especially during a police pursuit. This goes for both criminals and police.

    Using highway shortcuts and jumps, especially those on overpasses, should be done very sparingly. If you do use them, you are expected to react as if your vehicle sustained damage. 

    Planes and helicopters exist organically in the server and are accessible for players to obtain illegally. Aircraft should be flown realistically, and players should consider the risks associated with operating aircraft without proper flight training.

    Emergency service helicopters are only to be utilized by properly trained EMS and PD.

    Aircraft should not be used as a weapon under any circumstances.

    Any commercial or private aircraft MUST be landed on an appropriate landing pad or runway while within Los Santos city limits. Exceptions are made for PD and EMS.

    Stealing an emergency vehicle is acceptable if:
    a) the player is involved in a scene with EMS or PD, and
    b) the roleplay leads to the theft

    Players may not interrupt an ongoing scene they are not involved in to steal an emergency vehicle.

    Players may not steal an unattended emergency vehicle under any circumstances.


    On-going RP

    Do not interrupt others’ RP, especially when emergency services are on scene. If you are not directly involved in the scene, you should not involve yourself in any way. Stand back and view the scene as a bystander. Be respectful of what the EMS or PD ask of you and let them have their RP.

    DO NOT insert yourself into a traffic stop scene when the RP does not pertain to you or a robbery that was not initiated by you. DO NOT steal a police cruiser while they are on the scene.

    Robberies & Heists

    Only 4 people are allowed to engage in any single robbery or heist scene. This includes any members on the scene plus any backup (excluding hostages). 

    Criminals are expected to build their storyline when planning out robberies or heists. There should be a motive, build up, strategizing and prepping involved before stepping foot into a robbery scene. Every criminal action you take should be a part of a bigger plan to help progress your character or group along their story arc. 

    The PD in New Era will allow you to RP out your storyline during the robbery, so enjoy it! You should have clear intentions when conversing with the negotiating officer – what you say and how you react to the police might mean the difference between having your demands met or ignored. Most PD are trained to react to the quality of your RP, meaning that if you give them the minimal amount of effort during your robbery, you can expect that the PD will not be as apt to comply with your demands. If you start a scene with hostile or rude interactions, you can expect PD to do the same in return.  

    Robberies & Aircrafts

    Aircrafts are not to be landed in city limits unless on a landing pad. Using an aircraft as a getaway vehicle in a robbery is acceptable so long as it’s parked outside of city limits and the person driving the aircraft is one of the 4 original heist members.

    Robberies and Water

    Using water as an escape route is permitted within reason. You should use a water vehicle anytime you intend to run from police in the water whether it be player owned or found naturally in the city. Swimming for long periods of time can be considered powergaming if you do not return to shore as it is unfair for other players and does not promote good roleplay.

    Kidnapping/Taking Hostages

    Hostages should be found naturally through RP and should not be baited. Staged hostages or using friends as hostages is not allowed. You must consider that your hostage may have to take a bullet if the scene leads to that. Hostages are to play the role of a hostage and comply with demands. They cannot be one of the 4 members of the original heist.

    It is completely possible to RP out a robbery scene and get into a chase with no hostages, but this is solely at the officer’s discretion. Our favorite phrase is Good Things Take Time.

    Emergency Services As Hostage

    Police can be taken hostage while on duty as long as ongoing roleplay is not being interrupted. The Pacific Bank must be a green check mark in order to take an officer as a hostage. Kidnapping an officer should only be done if there is a build-up and a valid reason to do so, i.e. for a robbery or to advance a storyline. Kidnapping a police officer with the sole intent of stealing inventory items is not allowed.

    EMS cannot be taken hostage or robbed at any time while on duty.

    Off-duty PD & EMS are subject to hostile roleplay like everyone else.  

    Unrealistic Areas

    Players should keep all hostile roleplay in realistic areas. Please keep this in mind when planning out your RP scenarios. While this server does not have a designated “red” or “green” zone for hostile RP, repetitively roleplaying out hostile events and/or scenarios in the same areas can become toxic very quickly. An example of this would be repeatedly causing terrorism at the police department. Staff want to allow you the ability to roleplay in all areas of the server but respect for your fellow roleplayers is critical for the overall health of the city. Players will have a chance for prison breaks in New Era. 

    If you question whether your Roleplay will be tolerated just ask us! We are very open-minded and would love to help you develop creative RP.


    Definition: Any organized group of players that engage in illegal or hostile RP. 

    In New Era, it is expected that all gangs develop a backstory that includes how the gang was founded, their mission and goals, their turf, etc. Gangs should establish themselves through roleplay with the resources already available in the server before requesting custom clothing, vehicles, gang houses, etc.

    Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the gameplay of other players. This includes targeting players over and over to initiate more hostile RP.

    The New Era staff reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overly toxic manner.


    There is no limit to the number of members that can belong to a given gang, however gangs are limited to a maximum of four active players that are participating in an illegal or hostile scenario. This includes the following:

    • Gang members participating in the RP scenario in any fashion such as providing information as a lookout or, functioning as a getaway driver.
    • Gang members seeking to rescue other gang members who are being detained. The detained members count towards the maximum of 4. Upon being freed, they are expected to flee the scene and not take part in hostilities.
    • Gangs should not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size. This includes not only illegal and hostile activities but also relaying information for an active scenario.
    • Gang size can only be more than 4 in a scenario where each gang has agreed to using all members in gang war or when defending turf.

    Example: 4 people from one gang attack the turf of another; anyone present at that time can defend their territory.

    When initiating hostile RP on any active member of a gang, or being initiated on, it establishes initiation with all active members who are present at that location.

    Gang members arriving after hostilities have begun must properly integrate themselves into the RP scenario by initiating in a reasonable manner.

    Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation, NLR, and meta gaming.

    Active members initiating and participating in gang wars must be in gang clothing and be easily identifiable as part of the gang.

    Wars should have a developed back story. You should have several scenarios leading up to the point of gang war.

    Example: Taking hostages for ransom, selling drugs on turf, or having other hostile RP interactions.

    Gang and turf wars should be self-proclaimed and territory-oriented. You should not be seeking alternate gang members in unrealistic areas. Keep gang wars and turf wars within their territories. Keep your hostile RP scenes in realistic places.

    As a general rule, playing two characters who are in different gangs will be unacceptable in our server, as the average role player cannot adequately separate their characters enough in order to fulfill roles in both gangs.

    If you are interested in being a part of two gangs, you will need to submit a request to staff and have your roleplay evaluated before you are able to create a second gang member character.  This is to ensure that the player is competent and able to have healthy, non-meta roleplay.  

    Dynamic Characters 

    Definition: A character who undergoes a significant change to their personality, motives, or morals over the course of their character arc. These changes can be either for the better or for the worse.

    If you wish to create a character that rides the line of role breaking ex: (Dirty Cop, Serial Killers, Corrupt Judges) along with many others that are not listed here that teeter the line of the rules. Please submit a ticket to us! Only a limited amount of information is needed in order to be approved for a Dynamic Character and in most cases it’s based on how many dynamic characters are already playing out story lines in the server. This is to create a healthy environment for everyone. Instead of rejecting these types of story lines we would like to give players the opportunity to explore that character.

    A few good rules of thumb to be approved for these characters. 

    – Well established proper storyline in whatever whitelisted department (ex EMS,DOJ, PD)

    – Short lived characters who end in a Permadeath. These types of storylines no matter the length will always have a conclusion.

    Dynamic Character addition: Multiple Gang characters 

    Ped Characters

    We love the idea of having Ped characters! Once you register your character you may not change it! We are aware that the clothing store grants this ability but due to the script we cannot remove this option. If caught abusing this it will lead to staff action. Most Ped characters have some clothing options, but if you commit a crime you may not change your physical appearance; it is considered powergaming.

    Content Creators

    New Era strives to be a positive environment for content creators and streamers who call our server “home.” We understand the importance of maintaining a high quality standard for our creators to flourish while developing a strong viewership community.

    You may request a Content Creator role at any time through our Content Creator Application. This program is overseen by our Content Creator Manager who will connect with you after reviewing your application. 

    Please note that the content creator role is a privilege in our city. We expect anyone with this role to showcase the server in a good light and represent themselves and our community well through quality RP.  We reserve the right to remove this role at any time if you do not meet these standards. We also reserve the right to remove your Content Creator role due to inactivity.  

    New Life Rule (NLR)

    Upon death during active RP, your character does not actually die unless you decide to permanently kill off your character. However, you MAY NOT return to the scene you were downed until that scenario is concluded. After being revived from death or a second downed state, either by EMS or respawning at Pillbox, your character should have no memory of the events leading up to death. This is what is considered the New Life Rule (NLR). 

    Players can utilize texts, tweets, and word of mouth in order to build back some memory from previous RP, but cannot retaliate without properly roleplaying out and investigating what happened to your character.  

    When your character respawns, use terms like “I’ve been in the ICU,” “ I’ve been in a coma,” or “I’ve just had major surgery.” Continue to use your injuries to roleplay out what happened with your character instead of saying things like “I died” or “I went to the light.”

    When you are revived by EMS you are in medical custody. Players should RP out any injuries obtained in game and your character’s actions should take these injuries into consideration upon being revived. This includes any injuries recently addressed at the hospital.

    Downed States

    In New Era, there are two  “downed” or injured states. In the first state, your character is still conscious and in pain, rolling around but unable to get up and move. The second state is more critical; your character will lay back flat with no movement. Characters should be considered unresponsive/unconscious in the second downed state and respect New Life Rule (NLR).

    Example: Upon spawning at the hospital you go back to a scene you were just at to retrieve cars or lost items or to retaliate against a player who killed you without having proper roleplay before retaliation.