Players in New Era have a unique opportunity to make their dreams of owning and managing a business a reality through our Business Proposal Application process.

Owning and operating a business is an important responsibility and an integral part of some character’s storylines.  If you are interested in taking over a current business or opening up a new concept, you may submit an application to the staff team along with a business proposal. When considering applications, the staff keeps the following in mind: 

  • How long have you been a part of the server?
  • How dedicated are you to your character’s business storyline?
  • What kind of roleplay are you currently providing in the city that supports your desire to own the business and are you being resourceful with the tools already available to you?
  • Are you a good example of roleplay in the city?
  • Do you follow the server rules?
  • How will this business or concept affect the server and economy?
  • How will it operate? 

Good things take time! Many of the scripts and processes that exist in New Era are completely custom, made with love by our Dev team. While you’re waiting for your proposal to be processed, demonstrate your dedication and resourcefulness by roleplaying out your business concept to the best of your abilities with the tools you have at your disposal. 

Business Proposal Process

All proposals will follow a standard review and development process. Players will be updated each time the proposal moves to the next step in the development pipeline and will be kept informed about any changes or updates that may occur. Project timelines will vary depending on the amount of development required to establish the business and its position in the queue. 

Business Application
*Maximum of 2 files allowed. PDF and DOC file extensions only.
Consider how your proposal might impact server economy, what roleplay opportunities it would provide, etc.
What roadblocks do you currently experience when trying to RP out your business activities? Will you need custom items, vehicles, or scripting to make your dreams a reality? Put any information you feel would be valuable to our developers here.